Mental History Chronological Timeline For Ex-Wife Mona Maclean AKA Mona Lisa, Clinically Depressed, Bipolar, Feminist Mona Marie Maclean on Meds with ADHD, Chemical Imbalance, Sleep Apnea and Dementia.

Mental history behind clinically depressed Mona Maclean, aka Mona Lisa and drama queen Mona Marie Maclean not for female voice over.
Mona Maclean Mental History AKA Mona Lisa
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Mental history chronological timeline for ex-wife Mona Maclean aka Mona Lisa, clinically depressed, bipolar, feminist Mona Marie Maclean on meds with ADHD, chemical imbalance, sleep apnea and dementia.

Approximately October 2005, she meets future spouse at work, where she is perceived by co-workers as being excessive, demanding, and a loud mouth Texas woman burdened by personal problems. Her son "Cole" calls her at work repeatedly asking for money.
She seduces future spouse 2nd time he's invited over for dinner, as if she's "targeting" future spouse for ulterior motives.
Future spouse doesn't live with her until over a year later following more time working for the same employer, a few more dates, and "sleeping over" each time by her invitation.
Her wealthy younger brother "Ken" emails future spouse in August 2006, writing among other things: "she's stressed about you guys quite a bit (her son and her future spouse). Mona needs someone who wants to and can take care of her, emotionally and financially. If you are that guy, we will end up being the best of friends. Obviously it's her call. She's just had it pretty rough for a while and I am anxious to see her catch a few breaks."
Her son utters disrespectful comments to a friend about his mother in the garage, which future spouse overhears and reports back to her. She believes son's later denial instead of what future spouse overheard, and asks future spouse to move out.
"I worked all kinds of HARD jobs, even somewhat demeaning jobs ever since my teens. I am not rich! I get a pension from Ewen's (1st spouse) employment, but I totally deserve it. Ewen retired on disability about 4 yrs into our marriage. I worked full time from day one and thereafter! Plus, I did all the cooking, cleaning, shopping, errands, most of the yard work, practically everything! While I worked full time and took care of a child! I EARNED IT!" All this indicative of MORE drama to carry over into next relationship!
First of her several suicide attempts, purely selfish acts, on account of her son's extensive delinquent behavior. "Prozac was making me suicidal, and I was taken off of that after I fled." Future spouse moves out, but she asks him to return.
Having established a habit of vanishing acts, or "running away" from reality, she takes half of future spouse's cash on hand, $1500, and disappears again. Future spouse locates her car at a nearby hotel, and retrieves the money using the extra car key. The following day she calls the cops, and in their presence, finds and takes the money again. It is never accounted for.
She accompanies future spouse to his mother's passing New Year's Eve 2007, but she's in a hurry to return home to feed pets because her son is unreliable.
Future spouse has her make certain by contacting depositor that her pension would not be affected in any way by their pending marriage. It's not, but as a precaution future spouse suggests she keep her current name taken from late husband, so her accounts remain as is. After all, what's in a name? Her mother thought otherwise.
She eventually remarries February 1st, 2008. Marriage or Mirage? Future spouse is now legally her husband, but she doesn't take spouse's last name, and no wedding rings involved. She was not completely honest about the extent of her "condition" and her complete history of clinical depression was not revealed prior to marriage. She also hid from spouse that she really didn't want another man in her life. Spouse literally walks into a "mine field."
Spouse encourages her to sell home for large profit, but she declines, not wanting to take her delinquent son from friends and school.
Upside down relationship with manipulative and controlling son who goes through all of her savings, takes and runs up her credit cards, putting her and spouse into bankruptcy which spouse pays for after she buys son several motorcycles, motorcycle and skateboard gear, laptops, exotic pets, the list is endless. Spouse is beside himself because she listens to her son instead of spouse regarding going broke.
Vanishing acts continue when confronted by her son's disrespectful and defiant behavior. He skips school frequently, and has a juvenile police record. Once stealing a bicycle ruins his chances to join military later.
She leaves unannounced in the middle of the night on a trip to her parents in Texas after her son tells her to "walk in front of a car", a trip she originally planned to make with spouse.
While in Texas, she's concerned about her son and sheriff deputy is sent to home in Florida by her elder brother "David" to check on her son and spouse, while her son and his unstable friend assault spouse over money son requests.
She returns home then proceeds to assault and batter spouse beating him with her fists. Spouse files police report, then later drops all charges.
Her son has girlfriend move in. So, who's in charge exactly? Even more chaos ensues.
Upon her insistence, her spouse offers his vehicle to her son, so her son can include it in trade for used vehicle son wants, but son winds up with a junker while her spouse's vehicle was reliable.
More suicide attempts resulting in Baker Acts by doctors for observation, and spouse only one at bedside in hospital after each event. Her son calls her on just one occasion, but asking to purchase a gun.
Her son finally moves out. This eventually comes after the next door cop warned he either would, or she'd die.
She pursues electroconvulsive therapy for a few sessions. Seems to help some for a while.
She attempts suicide again by beating herself over the head with a club, and winds up in the hospital. As a condition of release, she is ordered to visit a psychiatrist who advises that spouse move out, until she gets her son under control.
She keeps a record of everything spouse is accused of, repeating spouse's "faults" relentlessly, and often turns them into put downs and diatribes.
Following marriage to an older man, 15 years her senior who treated her like a child, she seems predisposed to "not want a man in her life". A dollar short and a day late in all fairness to spouse.
She states money is never the issue, yet criticizes spouse for not being a good provider. She also feels unprotected by spouse, claiming he's weak, yet spouse is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.
She gets equity loan, pays off car and pays down credit card debt from son's spending habits. He still asks her for money. Loan is refinanced, and eventually turns upside down.
She and spouse see counselors, one Christian counselor in particular who turns out to be a quack and subsequently apologizes to spouse.
Her father passes away, and she accuses spouse of being insensitive when asked to cover her return airfare after not inviting spouse. As a result, spouse never meets either parent.
Her son and friends assaulted spouse, and son attempted to use her car while she was away, but spouse disabled it since son had used it for "mudding" before.
She returned home and requested that her son pick her up at the airport instead of spouse. She and son then stayed at a hotel for several days, while spouse was at home alone wondering what was going on. Hence blood is thicker than water. Every spouse's nightmare. Unbeknownst to spouse, she then attempted to file a restraining order against spouse, but it was denied, claiming she was too lenient in her description of spouse's alledged abusive behavior.
In spite of attempting to get a restraining order, she then agreed to allow spouse's brother to move in as spouse attempts to rescue his brother from homelessness, but backfires as even more chaos ensues. Spouses's brother, thrice divorced, meddles in their marriage by siding with her.
Spouse meets her wealthy younger brother "Ken" in person for the first time, retired from Navy, who runs nuclear waste disposal plants. He's a total jar head to her in front of spouse, thinks spouse is depressed, but didn't know spouse before spouse met his sister.
Spouse experiences excruciating pain from front tooth, and she offers little sympathy or comfort. Spouse gets root canal, but doesn't get tooth capped to save money. She threatens she won't live with a man who has a black tooth.
Her home that has become money pit is sold by short sale.
She hates Florida, so spouse moves to North Carolina with her in 2014 where she can have change in seasons. Spouse pays for entire move, and even drives 26' loaded U-Haul filled mostly with her belongings, arriving late at night in thick fog, while she takes her time driving by herself the next day by car.
North Carolina springs feature tornadoes, while winters have endless rain with little snow. Not exactly a match made in heaven.
She and spouse visit Florida over first weekend in December 2015, staying in RV of spouse's close friend. She complains to spouse and spends most of the time visiting her son and granddaughter. Spouse made plans with her to spend Sunday evening with host before heading home to NC, but she is uncooperative and unsociable.
She gains weight from overeating due to depression, not caring about appearance, eating ice cream more often than yogurt.
She warns spouse of side-effects from antidepressant medications, including dramatic mood swings.
She has sleep apnea, forcing spouse to sleep in different room because of her loud snoring, and she does nothing about it. She often wakes up choking in the middle of the night, and complains that she doesn't sleep.
Instead of thinking of ways to make spouse happy, she ponders what will make him angry.
Spouse's front tooth doesn't turn black.
She never finishes teaching spouse how to play piano because she takes no interest in spouse.
Psychiatric medications dramatically reduce intimate contact with spouse.
Senseless bickering with spouse continues on a routine basis, she being condescending and impatient mostly putting spouse on the defensive, and spouse can't reason with her. What she interprets as spouse's anger, is in reality spouse being unhappy in NC. There's no sense of teamwork on her part, and she complains the marriage is bad 80% of the time. More like spouse being on the defensive 80% if the time.
Spouse advises quick to listen, slow to speak. She says don't interrupt me.
Spouse's front tooth doesn't turn black.
She "house sits" for wealthy younger brother "Ken" in Las Vegas for over a month (October into November 2016) while spouse has no say in the matter.
She invites hillbilly single male friend next door over from time to time, and backstabs spouse while sipping the neighbor's beer.
After 4-years in NC, winter is too much for spouse, so she agrees to move back to Florida to be closer to granddaughter (and to "make husband happy").
She makes trip with spouse to Florida east coast to find a rental (2017), where she has another "episode" leading to an altercation with spouse about her snoring in hotel room and spouse can't sleep. She even attempts to run over spouse with car when argument proceeds to the parking lot where spouse prevents her from taking off in her crazed state. Hotel guest calls cops due to the melee.
Her son and entourage escape hurricane "Irma" by driving to NC, and she insists that spouse give him money from savings for upcoming move. Spouse is generous and loans her son $1000, which he agrees to repay once he gets back on his feet.
She secretly inquires whether spouse can legally request financial support from her pension in the state of Florida, then later claims she didn't plan or orchestrate what is yet to come.
10 year anniversary milestone is spent in front of the tube watching reruns of "My Three Sons" and "Monk". Spouse can't get a word in edgewise.
Spouse's front tooth doesn't turn black.
She leads spouse to believe she is still moving to Florida with spouse, telling spouse she is doing it "to make spouse happy".
Spouse makes trip alone to Florida west coast to find rental while she remains behind to continue packing.
Spouse finds home rental within price range of marital combined income in local paper, which is even in the same neighborhood as granddaughter, secures it, then returns to NC.
On the way back to NC, spouse is pulled over on I-95 in SC. No ticket after several hours of harassment, but highway cops leave hood unlatched following a search of the vehicle. Spouse could've been killed possibly along with countless others had the hood lifted all the way up while driving to the next exit to latch it, but she instead dwells on spouse's frustrated verbal reaction over the phone, accusing spouse of being an angry person.
She announces to spouse upon his return that she wants a separation, so spouse is stuck paying for a rental he can't afford on his own, and spouse faces being stranded without a car. Being closer to granddaughter no longer matters to her due to her uncooperative son.
She informs spouse that she felt sorry for spouse all along, and was just waiting for spouse to collect social security and be on his own before she files for divorce. As if spouse was a "charity case" all those years?
She subsequently goes berserk, threatening restraining order and suicide if spouse doesn't move out immediately.
Spouse has little choice but to move into rental that's paid for (3 months of 2018), until rent comes due again and spouse has to find something else spouse can afford on his own.
Spouse suspects her of poisoning spouse, after spouse experiences bloody bowel movements. Spouse has not experienced any more of these since moving back to Florida on his own.
She refuses to give the only car between them to spouse, after spouse planned to secure a job in Florida, while she has no job in NC. She led spouse to believe she'd buy a newer 2nd vehicle in Florida had she stuck to the original plan of moving down with spouse. Besides, her hillbilly single male friend next door in NC would've been more than glad to drive her to the store from time to time.
She purchases cheap manual can opener, a couple of forks, spoons, and knives to give to spouse as his "going away" present.
Spouse moves into rental which is still in serious disrepair, with evidence of mold everywhere, is bug infested, and may even be condemnable. So now spouse has to deal with a slumlord as well.
Her son hates her spouse, and her son lives in same area as spouse.
Spouse justifiably suspected she'd ride out the hurricanes with her hillbilly single male friend next door.
She informs spouse that she's limiting their communication to email only, making selective replies to criticize spouse even more while she counts the days until she can file for an uncontested divorce which requires being separated for a minimum of one year. She makes no phone calls to spouse, and has no personal contact with spouse.
Nearly 65 year old despondent spouse, who's now chain-smoking, is told by her via email to leave her alone after she immediately announces on social media that she's separated, and starting "a new journey".
All of her cyber friends and brothers support her decision, ignorant of her deceit leading up to separation from spouse. Apparently everyone but them knows there are two sides to every story. What would she do without her Smart Phone?
The consensus among assistance organizations contacted by spouse, is that spouse was set up for a fall based on the chain of events. "You're better off without her, after making your life difficult for so long".
But at 64, marriage is the only life spouse has come to know and trust, is isolated and stranded, while she is even suspected by onlookers of cheating on spouse due to her total lack of communication, with no plan in place for rebuilding their marriage. Not forgetting the single hillbilly neighbor.
Spouse completely cut off, in spite of spouse's efforts to reason with her. Having endured NC for nearly 4 years, now back in Florida, spouse is alone without transportation.
Spouse resigns to the unlikelihood she will ever change while still on psychiatric meds, awaiting her to file for divorce. Meanwhile, spouse faces still more difficulty due to fallout from the betrayal and desertion, including the slumlord and another forced move to anything spouse can afford on his own in a tough rental market.
Spouse has been legally blind in one eye since 1994, when spouse was first informed he would be diagnosed with multiple sclerosis should spouse experience additional sight loss later in life. Spouse's sight loss continues to progress largely due to the extreme stress she has brought upon spouse. In addition, spouse is experiencing extreme numbness in his extremities, another telltale sign of the disease.
Spouse mails 30-day vacate notice to slumlord, and now faces arduous task of finding another rental spouse can afford on his own without transportation. Buying a car is not an option since spouse would not pass driver license eye exam.
Spouse will find it difficult at best to ever trust her again while she's still on meds after she betrays spouse in thoroughly underhanded, unconscionable and deceitful fashion. Spouse has paid the ultimate price costing spouse years in terms of his health longevity.
Email shoot out ensues between her and spouse, each sizing up the other psychologically.
She informs spouse by email that it's ok for spouse to hate her for betraying spouse.
Spouse inclined to approach life as if she has died, thanks to her lack of communication along with her other inconsiderate and selfish actions.
In the meantime, she kept the only vehicle between them which spouse paid all maintenance for and would've used to find work if possible, plus kept spouse's analog wide-screen TV for binge watching, and she lives in a house which spouse paid rental security deposit for, as she retained all of the creature comforts while spouse has endured her verbal abuse, dishonesty, lack of gratitude and commitment. And what would she do without her Smart Phone that she uses for everything else but contact spouse?
Her main gripes? She "doesn't want to have to cook, clean, and take care of spouse," while she was the clutterbug and ate "3-meals a day".
Spouse suspects foul play in the case of her older first husband based on these gripes, because she had to take care of him when he was dying of cancer, after he was having affairs, that she somehow expedited his demise. At the very least harbored "mixed feelings" about their tainted marriage.
The kicker being she "doesn't want a man in her life", punctuated by the countless diatribes she unloaded on spouse. No one is good enough for her. But in reality, is she taking out her inadequacies on spouse?
Spouse anticipates she will eventually move to her brother's farm in Texas. Unbeknownst to spouse, she has visited there, and continues to keep her plans a secret from spouse, including how long she will drag out the separation from spouse.
A former friend and fellow actor who refers to her as a "drama queen", shares with spouse his experiences with her, providing spouse with some solace reaffirming spouse is better off without her emotional baggage.
Spouse's front tooth still hasn't turned black.
Quoting from an article now, "Many have found out the hard way that even after marriage their spouse may fall short of their expectations. This is especially true if they married a person God has not intended for them or an immature spouse. If your spouse does not try, know how to, or care about fulfilling emotional and physical needs for attention and companionship, you may STILL suffer from loneliness. Even worse, hurt, distrust, and low self-esteem, etc, may result from a broken relationship. Add these with loneliness and you have an emotional wreck." A RING OF TRUTH for what spouse has endured?
She could take something from Andy Stanley's "Your Move" ministry, "Me and My Big Mouth" episode.
Another email "shoot out" ensues between her and spouse, each sizing up the other psychologically. To use her language, "gas lighting". While spouse's emails and voice messages were a direct result of trauma inflicted by her betrayal.
She complains to her unstable son, and he threatens spouse with physical violence. The same son that hated, conned, and disrespected her for much of his life, even told her to walk in front of a car among other things. The same son who still owes $1000 to his mother's spouse since Hurricane Irma, but goes back on his word and now refuses to pay back the loan. He even buys a pleasure boat. What's wrong with this picture?
What was she thinking involving her ill tempered son? Spouse lives 800 miles away from her while the son lives near spouse. Like mother, like son, two peas in a contaminated pod.
She informs spouse that spouse no longer has the option of using their NC address as seasonal residence, although spouse paid the rental security deposit and all other deposits including utilities. Spouse not included on renewed lease.
She travels 800 miles to visit son on Mother's Day 2019, mere miles from spouse's residence (owned by another slumlord, more residual from her betrayal), but she makes no effort to contact spouse on the 1 year anniversary of their separation. Not even to check on spouse's poor health. Contrast this to her possible "mixed feelings" regarding first husband before he died.
Her son writes a hate letter to her spouse filled with lies. Son makes hollow excuses for not paying back her spouse $1000 he still owes her spouse from 2017.
Spouse now also dealing with second slumlord that won't even replace toilet which doesn't flush the first time, and is full of worms. Pre-existing disrepair and antiquated appliances. Slumlord slanders spouse in response to complaint by spouse, so spouse intends to sue while having to search for yet another rental, third one within 2 years on limited social security income. As a direct result of her desertion, spouse's savings are depleted due to multiple moves from one substandard rental to the next, all requiring deposits, and then spouse needing to buy a vehicle with no help from her whatsoever. In fact, she backpedals after agreeing to assist spouse by registering vehicle in her state to save money. An obvious precursor to her filing for divorce.
Figuratively speaking, all of the above is comparable to her putting a gun to her spouse's head and slowly squeezing the trigger!
Who could blame spouse for chiding her in emails and voice messages fueled by trauma following spouse's sacrifices in terms of time invested, justifying observations, extreme tolerances, and subsequent attempts to reason with her only to end in total rejection and abandonment? Her "selective" email replies were curt and routinely, exceedingly critical.
Emails and voice messages from spouse can easily be ignored by her, while a phone call to spouse or in-person contact with spouse conflicts with her agenda to maintain distance from spouse.
Not one phone call from her to spouse after a year's time, following multiple requests by spouse for her to do so just to open up dialogue possibly leading to reconciliation. The consensus among spouse's peers is that her lack of communication is akin to revenge, motivated by guilt because everything spouse assesses about her abnormal behavior is true.
In her mind, her "silence" over time will cause spouse to wonder if something really is wrong with spouse psychologically, as if this avoidance is some form of PAY BACK by her.
She never took spouse's name, goes by her former husband's last name, or occasionally by her maiden name. Nor does she and spouse have wedding rings. In fact, spouse tore up marriage license the first trip she made to Texas alone.
Her claims that she can't live with spouse are deeply rooted in her low self-esteem, fueled by many years of hating herself, even long before spouse came along.
The ULTIMATE INSULT takes place when she sinks to the lowest level and informs spouse BY EMAIL that she has filed for an uncontested divorce, ONE YEAR to the day later after separating, the minimum time required before requesting an uncontested divorce. Spouse refused to consent based on religious beliefs and time served in the taxing marriage, and tried to get alimony but she had nothing to go after at the time, and DIVORCE IS GRANTED TO HER 12/4/2019 regardless just weeks before Christmas ERASING SPOUSE from her life like "Etch A Sketch" thus becoming her "INSIGNIFICANT OTHER" thanks to her anti-depressants that led to dramatic mood swings and irrational behavior.
Meanwhile now EX-spouse is forced to give up on remarriage because the Bible says you get one shot at it, beyond that it becomes adultery until the "partner" dies. To make matters even worse yet, ex-spouse is also forced into yet another unbearable rental situation, this time involving a manipulative, bullying landlord who expects spouse to live in an unsafe and unbearable environment involving a mentally unstable roommate, and threatens spouse with eviction if spouse complains. The roommate is 39, was arrested for burglary, has smoked offensive medical marijuana in spouse's presence, and works full time. The roommate has completely turned spouse's life upside down since moving in, and roommate's daily routine particularly mornings getting ready for work, entails making so much racket, banging and thumping walls, making obnoxious gagging sounds, then in the middle of the night screaming in his sleep! Spouse is unable to sleep the number of hours he requires in his ongoing battle with MS.
From there, ex-spouse regretably accepts offer to be taken in by control freak cousin and aunt with seven cats (and requiring sitting down to pee) on the other coast of Florida which quickly becomes a nightmare situation. This lasts for a torturous month, while she still avoids responding to his pleas for at least emotional support.
Present day, ex-spouse has relocated back to North Carolina in same area as before for affordability, no roommates, and familiar surroundings.
Before securing a small, junky old, drafty house rental raping ex-spouse on utilities (costing more than Florida) and located right next to annoying barking dogs on a retarded road where the loco locals speed in their loud contraptions like the redneck morons they are, which was all ex-spouse could afford on his own, ex-spouse lived in his car for a month after putting belongings in storage.
Meanwhile the drama queen didn't bat as much as an eye once ex informed her of being homeless, requesting temporary shelter in the middle of a pandemic.
Her hillbilly friend/former neighbor even phoned to "warn" her that ex-spouse was back in town after ex dropped by previous rental ex shared with her.
All total ex-spouse is forced to move 7 times in just over two years struggling to get by on his own, the primary obstacle being income needs to be 3X rental amount to afford a rental without roommates. Her "assessment" as follows: "Your problems with noise and neighbor conflicts could be solved so simply if you would do these simple things that have been suggested over and over, rather than the EXPENSE and HASSLE of CONSTANTLY MOVING. You would have a lot more money right now if you didn't keep moving. And I think maybe you wouldn't have such trouble with landlords and neighbors if you took care of your sleep problems and such yourself and tried to get along with them. Now, if you just pooh pooh all of this that is an effort to help you, then all I can say is Good Luck." WTF, is she HIGH? She conveniently DISMISSED all of the HARDSHIP SPECIFICS explained to HER OVER AND OVER by ex-spouse, oblivious to the FACTS. Not a clue what she's spewing, the head-case shit for brains know-it-all! How could she, all of the miles between them, literally?
Now only a few miles apart, and still little to no contact by email, phone, or face to face, other than 2 visit invites to her place over the last 3-years, and she was RUDE to ex-spouse on both occasions!
Either one of them could die tomorrow, and the other wouldn't even know it.
Ex-spouse spends yet another Christmas alone.
She FINALLY calls her ex-spouse, ringing his phone non-stop early in the morning a few days before the Nat'l Championship game after ex-spouse requests by email to come over and watch it since he can't afford cable tv. However, after reluctantly inviting him over to watch the game, no sooner than ex-spouse sets foot in the door, she starts right in with the criticism and bringing up the past! She immediately points out her cpap machine, remarking to ex-spouse "you're probably going to get mad", as if she had no intentions of curing her snoring when they were still married and forcing husband to sleep on the couch in another room. This, combined with living in a nicer rental in a better location, while making payments on a brand new car, surrounded by her support group, begs the "observation" how nice it must be to be her! Meanwhile, her smug indifference towards ex-spouse is deafening.
"Ever since we split you've been under the notion I've been getting all kinds of support. Nobody has been helping me in any way. I am independent. Unlike you, I don't like to ask people for help. People have their own lives and problems. You could have gotten regular full time jobs. We never knew from month to month what our income would be. But regular job was too beneath you. So, again, it was your choice not to earn a good steady living along. Be logical. These are the facts. Don't blame anyone else for your money problems." BOSSY OR WHAT??? Meanwhile her still then spouse had saved enough money to pay for the move to N.C., and then for the planned move back to Florida which she ultimately balked on.
"I don't want to worry about anyone but myself, and don't want to have to cook, clean, and take care of you." All coming from the faithless "wife" who was the SLOB and RARELY cooked, missing the whole concept of marriage being 50-50 working together as a team to resolve matters. "Have fun being alone and miserable" she emails to ex-spouse.
At 66 ex-spouse grows weaker, disabled in poor health, dying a slow death while facing yet ANOTHER MOVE on his own in order to escape his current rental clusterfuck threatened by dog abusing neighbor redneck close to dangerous street. Not that anyone gives a good crap, but in the end will get what's coming to them.
In conclusion, she never gave first priority to her marriage, never gave it the full attention that it required or deserved. She never loved spouse and treated him like a "punching bag", a scapegoat for her irrational behavior due to her clinical depression.
She writes: "You didn't care enough to listen to me when I needed to ask you or tell you something important and then an argument would start. You would tell me to be quiet or shut up! You threatened more then once to pull the car over and dump me on the side of the road." Hence the PROBLEM that her mouth was ALWAYS GOING, creating a hazard especially while spouse is driving!
Everything else came before their marriage, including her selfish acts of attempted suicide and upside down relationship with her son, all punctuated by her statement that she "doesn't want another man in her life." HELLO, MARRIAGE IS A COMMITMENT FOR LIFE. Better to "waste away" living in separate "shacks" alone with a raging pandemic all around that's not likely to ever completely go away? DUMB AND DUMBER YET.
Just goes to show how a leopard never changes its spots. Ex-spouse would've been spared the onslaught and torment had he never met this poor excuse for a human being to begin with, much less marry a woman who attempted suicide. Being in their 50's, a late start for marriage besides, ex-spouse was doing just fine on his own while still young enough.
Meanwhile her mother just died. To her EX: "I'm driving to Texas before long because my mother died and I'm meeting with my brothers. And I'll be returning with, among other things, one of my Dad's guns, just so you know. It's not a threat, just information. I don't want to be anywhere near you." NOT A THREAT??? Now refer to the "Gun Toting" image on the "Home" page. Think she'll load her gun with silver bullets? Her dementia may prompt her to.
Another slap in ex-spouse's face is that after she buys a new car, she sells her old car for $1000 to a neighbor without even considering to ask ex-spouse if he wanted it since her old car was newer than ex-spouse's high-mileage gas guzzler which he would've sold, and even after ex-spouse paid $200 per new tire for her old car. She should've just given it to ex-spouse as partial repayment towards the $3000 she still owes ex-spouse for the cost of her bankruptcy which ex-spouse paid for, and for the money ex-spouse loaned to her ungrateful son which he never repaid, neither of which were part of the marital obligations.
And little did ex-spouse know that she BOUGHT her home rental, in addition to a new car, and she'll continue to SNUB ex-spouse for as long as he's suffering!
Most recently, ex-spouse moved in with brother in Englewood Florida, then 2-months later was displaced and made homeless by hurricane Ian when brother's rental was destroyed. Brother then deserts him, and ex-spouse lives in car in Jacksonville. Meantime, she continues with her deaf/mute routine remaining out of any contact whatsoever with ex-spouse, not lifting a finger to help him, while she still owes money to ex-spouse!
Would it be too far-fetched to speculate that the devil himself played a significant role in ex-spouse meeting her, intending him to blame God later for all of his misery? To look at her, one can't help but get some sense of inherent evil. Reference her "self-made" caricature below. Pretty scary to say the least.

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